Terms & Conditions

For Computer/Laptop AMC

  • Contract is non-transferable.
  • Contract will be for a year on site
  • Three Preventive Maintenance will be given during contract.
  • The calls will be gone to inside 24 hours from lodging complaints
  • Full amount has to be paid in advance at time of renewal.
  • The complaints will be attended from 9:30a.m. to 6:30p.m. except Sundays, bank holidays, public holidays.
  • In case the problem is not solved at site the party has to bear the cost of transportation & duties (if applicable).
  • In Non - Comprehensive contracts DOES NOT INCLUDE any spares and in Comprehensive they INCLUDE spares
  • Replacement of faulty spares will be provided subjected to avaibilty.

For Computer/Laptop repairs and others services

  • Repair estimate of the parts are suspected, in case during repair if we find some other problems will be treated as a new problem, we will intimate the same then processed.
  • All Software's and Data are of customer responsibility; please take backup of all the data before submitting for repair.
  • All repairs of Laptop / Desktop / Printer / Monitor are warranted for 15 days from date of Closed Call. This warranty applies only on those items which were found defective and repaired; it does not apply to those products in which no issue was found.
  • All on-site services and response times are subject to the following conditions:
  1. Performed during Standard work Hours.
  2. Availability of the services in your area, and the availability of technicians in your area.
  3. Availability of parts.

Payment Terms: Diagnosis fees at the time of Pick-up, remaining at the time of the completion of work. No credit is available.

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